As a Deaf person who has used, loved, and continued to learn Auslan throughout my life, it was when I started studying the Diploma of Auslan (Deaf cohort 2018) that I was awestruck by how beautifully complex Auslan is.

‘Talking Hands’ – Manual Forms of Communication

The word manual means ‘relating to or done with the hands.’ From this we can surmise that manual forms of communication refer to communication done with and involving the hands. There is often confusion around the differences between Auslan and other manual forms of communication that may be seen, known, or used throughout Australia. Firstly, let’s look …

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Sign for ‘Australia’

I remember some time back when a video was posted by Deaf Aboriginal Services sharing the ‘other’ sign of AUSTRALIA (which I’ll refer to as AUSTRALIA2 throughout this blog). I was so excited when I saw the beautiful sign that these two Indigenous women shared with us. Samantha Wilson (Muthi Muthi) and Joanna Agius (Narungga) explained that the …

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Online beginners course

This is for individuals to learn the basics of Auslan; this is self-paced and can take as long or be as quick as they’d like. (Level 2 is coming soon). The online course has 2.5hrs of content. This doesn’t include the time taken to complete the accompanying activities. A certificate of participation is provided upon completion …

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