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I recommend the online beginners Auslan course which is self-paced. You can do it whenever you have time and do it as quickly or slowly as you like. Once you're enrolled in the course, you have access to the videos for life. You can use it on any device that has internet.

Auslan is not an acronym; it’s actually a portmanteau (which means it’s a blend of sounds that come together to make one word). In this case: Australian Sign Language = Auslan.

These are one-off face-to-face (desirable, in Brisbane and surrounding regions) or Zoom sessions that run for 2-2.5 hrs that provide a taste of this awesome language. These are organised and booked by the workplace, organisation, community or family/friend group.

Ask your workplace/friends if they’d like to organise a taster session and get in touch to book with Awesome Auslan.

While Michaela holds a current TAE (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment) and has taught Certificate II and III at a major Deaf organisation, this online course is not an accredited one.

The focus for our online course is to ensure that learners are well versed in the fundamentals of Auslan and can enrol in an accredited course with confidence.

Yes, at the end you get a certificate of participation.

Yes, we have many teachers use this course as part of their personal development. And it will depends on your school, however most of the time your employer will pay for it.

Our online self-paced beginner Auslan course Level 1 is designed to ensure a firm understanding of certain aspects of Auslan are understood; these are repeated often to ensure success and continuity into Level 2.

It is strongly recommended to do Awesome Auslan’s Level 1 before going on to do Level 2. Each teacher/ organisation will cover different aspects of Auslan and you will glean something, as well as revision (which is always useful when learning any language), by enrolling in Level 1.

Simply email Michaela at michaela@awesomeauslan.com.au to ask any questions you may have.

Upon enrolment and checkout, there is an option to click on ‘generate invoice’. This will produce an invoice for your selected course/s. Provide this to your workplace/support coordinator for payment. Access to the online course will be activated shortly after payment is received.

Upon checkout, there is an option to click ‘gift card’. When doing this, there is also the option of selecting the date for when this [digital] gift card is to be emailed to the receiving party. Upon receipt of their gift card, the receiving party can enrol into the course with their own details.

In Queensland we have Deaf Pub events in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. I also organise coffee catch-ups with casual group tutoring. Ask around and see if there are any events in your area.

Awesome Auslan/Michaela teaches Auslan (Australian Sign Language). When dialects are relevant, this is discussed/covered as needed. While there are state-specific dialects and signs (an English/Australian language comparison is when someone travels from Qld to NSW and worries about being able to understand certain words: togs vs bathers vs swimmers and thongs vs flip flops, etc) the focus is to learn the language - in this case, Auslan, then worry about dialects as they arise. Most decent Auslan teachers will guide their students through this.

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