Coming Online Auslan Linguistics Educational Video Series

These videos can be clicked on according to what you need to know.

If you are an Auslan teacher (Deaf or hearing), you might want to make sure you understand the concepts covered in the curriculum (or the Blue Bible). These videos aim to explain the concepts simply so that they are easily understood.

If you are Deaf, you can learn all about your language, in a way you probably won’t learn unless you study the Diploma of Auslan.

If you are an Auslan student, you can revise the concepts you may have covered in your studies. These can also help you to understand what your assessments may require of you.

Content covers: (note this list is a guide)

  • HOLME / Parameters of Signs
  • Citation Form
  • Setting up Referents in space
  • Negation
  • Non-manual features
  • Manner
  • Depicting Signs
  • Role Shift
  • Numerical Incorporation

Access to the Auslan linguistics is for one year.