Auslan Courses

Learn Auslan at home with this online self paced course, taught by a Deaf teacher with over 15 years experience in teaching. Complete the course and you'll have learned enough to start communicating with other Auslan users.

Auslan is such a beautiful language and opens up so many opportunities for so many people. We truly welcome you on your Auslan journey and thank you for taking the time to learn something new.

Online Auslan Courses

Awesome Auslan is offering you the first peek at our new online Introduction to Auslan course.

You can learn Australian sign language at home!

100% Online &

Lifetime Enrolment

Downloadable PDFs for each video

Taught by a Deaf, experienced Auslan teacher

Training videos with voice over and subtitles

Easy to follow

Over 7.5 hours of video lessons

Certificate of participation awarded upon completion



I am excited to share the awesome language of Auslan with you.

The use of the word ‘awesome’ in the logo is entirely deliberate.

As a Deaf person who has used, loved, and continued to learn Auslan throughout my life, it was when I started studying the Diploma of Auslan (Deaf cohort 2018) that I was awestruck by how beautifully complex Auslan is.

I am absolutely in love with this awesome, unique and visual language and I can't wait to share it with you.


Ask about our taster/beginner Auslan sessions. These can be catered to workplace, organisations and community groups of any size. Learn the basics of Auslan in a fun and friendly environment. Start your Auslan journey today!


Learn industry specific communication strategies to instantly connect with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community within your workplace, organisation and community groups. Make communication in your workplace Deaf friendly.

What’s on Offer

Deaf Awareness Sessions

Deaf Awareness sessions will provide insight into aspects of Deaf culture, history, customs and some basic Auslan signs.

These sessions can be adjusted to your needs - length of session, content, signs/phrases tailored to your organisation or workplace needs. (Emergency, police, council sessions available.)

Auslan Taster Sessions

These face-to-face Auslan sessions are 1.5 - 2.5 hour long and provide the opportunity to sample the language.

These are one-off sessions.
From here, one can go on to enrol in our online courses (Levels 1 and 2) or do some Auslan Beginner Sessions.

Auslan Beginner Sessions

These are face-to-face Auslan classes for beginners. Commencing again in 2023.

These are often 2-hour (minimum) sessions and can run over 4-6 weeks. These can be organised to suit organisations, workplaces and community groups schedules.

Online Course Level 1

This self-paced online course covers the basics of Australian Sign Language, some Deaf Awareness and some linguistics. Enough signs are provided that one can communicate at a basic level with Deaf people/Auslan users.


Online Course Level 2

This online self-paced course continues on from Level 1. Learn more Auslan signs and build your vocabulary, Deaf Awareness and overall understanding of Auslan.


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