Name Signs – What An Honour

Being bestowed with a Name Sign is – or should be - a privilege, an honour, a memory you won’t soon forget.

Some of the most satisfying Name Signs are when you have been involved in the Deaf community, made some deaf friends, earned your place in and the trust of the Deaf community.

Name Signs must be given by a Deaf person.

Most Name Signs derive from any of the following aspects: physical features, initials of your name, a play on the sound of your spoken name or what your name might rhyme with, your interests and/or mannerisms.

I was given my Name Sign when I was 21 years old; it was given to me by some dear Deaf friends who had considered and discussed it together. My Name Sign incorporates 3 of the above aspects:

initial of my name = M for Michaela

physical trait = at that time, my hair was past my bottom!

an interest of mine = my love of dogs.

I love my Name Sign. I hope the Deaf community continues to uphold the tradition of bestowing Name Signs thoughtfully and reverently.

(NOTE: At times Name Signs have been and are given purely for function).